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16th December 2005

random_fandom11:44am: Wishing you all...Collapse )

16th May 2004

random_fandom1:22pm: NC17 Warning!
I have my own forum for fandom art/manips/layouts, so if you'd like to show off your own work, or oggle others, please join! We're on Greatest Journal.


Some manips of the hobbit actors, this is not work safe! Some have Lij in drag and were done for a role play and meant to be funny, so don't flame me for them, please?Collapse )

15th February 2004

random_fandom2:57am: Some of my recent manips
Some one suggested I post some of the manips I did recently. The Frodo/Sam kiss has had a lot people commenting to me, so here are the icons and the large images. I've also done some Tween Samwise images, for a game I'm in. Most of my manips are for games where I'd like to have images that make the game more real. Plus I love looking a these gorgeous guys all the time!

Plus I love looking a these gorgeous guys all the time! Collapse )

21st December 2002

whatdoineed1:32am: oh my holy fucking god


check it out


19th December 2002

whatdoineed4:36pm: so have you seen it?
Frodo and Sam get close and cuddly a few times ...

and Sam was on the verge of saying "I love you" at times as well
you could just tell.

28th November 2002

puffdragon5:55pm: Uh oh!
What has happened to our community? *drammatic tone* It had just barely begun to live! It started as a place for us to voice perverse thoughts! No one is talking! *tear* *end drammatic tone*


So, if you fancy slash, which of the hobbits do you think make the best slash couple?
Current Mood: hot

20th November 2002

puffdragon3:17pm: Hey, fellow hobbit fanciers. It's me again. Heh.

I asked for a bunch of Lord of the Rings action figures for Christmas. I can only imagine the hijinks that will insue.

Current Mood: mischievous
aquariusfire9:01am: Hobbits, hobbits, hobbits...joy, joy, joy!
Pervy Hobbit Fancier and Proud! Not only do I endulge in my pervy fancy, I try to lure others to join me in the fun!

And I have the quizzes to prove it!Collapse )
Current Mood: Pervy

19th November 2002

whatdoineed11:52pm: I have a picture of the four hobbits above my desk

I desperately want to play with them

still the prettiest. ;-)
whatdoineed2:34am: journal update
just wanted to let you all know - we now have an icon for the journal!

feedback would be loved - if anyone wants to submit a different icon because they don't like this one, go for it!

18th November 2002

puffdragon7:00pm: Hi All
Hey there!

I'm quite excited about this community. Seems really cool. LOL. So who is you all's favorite hobbit?

Mine is Sam.

whatdoineed3:41pm: welcome to the journal of the pervy hobbit fancier

have some deep dark secret fantasy involving short men/women with large, hairy feet?

come share!
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